Wonderfully diverse

The cosmetics sector continues to be the most important market for aluminium aerosol cans by far, accounting for nearly 85 per cent of total production worldwide. Deodorants and perfumes are the clear leaders accounting for every second can produced. Hair sprays, hair mousses and other cosmetic products – including, for example, shaving foam – each of them account for about five to ten per cent. Rising living standards in the emerging countries of South America and Asia and a growing adoption of an international lifestyle and consumer culture will spur on these markets even more. The aluminium aerosol can is the ideal form of packaging for the cosmetics sector: a material-intrinsic premium appeal, luxurious feel and a persuasive visual appearance for product differentiation at the point of sale. Furthermore, the can offers the standards of quality and safety and the complete range of convenience aspects that are expected of packaging in the high-priced and sophisticated cosmetics sector.