Safe in every respect

Safety aspects pay a key role with packaging that is pressurised, such as aerosol cans. Here, too, aluminium cans are outstanding in every respect: Only high-purity aluminium is used to produce the one-piece, seamless containers. Depending on the contents, cans may be partially uncoated, have a protective inner coating or use a bag-on-valve system. Without reservation they are perfectly suitable for use with any contents or propellants and offer optimal material safety and reliability. They fully comply with the requirements of the latest aerosol directives and international transport regulations. They can be stored and transported in complete safety ensuring safe handling along the entire supply chain. Without difficulty they fulfil the stability guarantee demanded by customers. They provide better results than comparable containers when it comes to leaks, ageing processes and thus material deterioration. The reason for this is obvious: aluminium’s outstanding material properties and the seamless monobloc technology leave no room for potential defects. The ‘Code of Best Practise` agreed by all AEROBAL members provides additional safety.