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About every twentieth aluminium aerosol can is used for the numerous products that are used every day in the home and for technical applications all over the globe: window and oven cleaners, cleansing foam for the bathroom and kitchen, carpet cleaners and refreshers, air fresheners, furniture polish and other wood-care products, starch, shoe care and impregnation sprays, all types of paint, lacquer and adhesive, insect-repellent sprays, fire fighting products and pet care. In the automotive sector they are used for polish, de-icers, window and engine cleaners or other special cleaning agents, degreasers, penetrating lubricants and all possible types of oil. In the broadly diversified industrial and technical sector special paints as well as anti-corrosion sprays, lubricants, mould release sprays and freezers are packed in aluminium aerosols. Everywhere here, the aluminium can scores with its light and simple, reliable and safe application. At the same time, it is extremely flexible and is ideally suited for every imaginable type of content and propellant thanks to the material properties of aluminium. Aluminium cans are also ideally suited for use with difficult and complicated contents. Where most other forms of packaging have long since quit the field is where aluminium aerosol cans show their true class.