Record results year after year

In the global packaging market, production of aluminium aerosol cans has continuously been growing at above-average rates worldwide. The aluminium aerosol can industry has reported new records year after year. Total production of aluminium aerosol cans is currently slightly under the eight billion mark and accounts for more than 50 per cent of the total world aerosol can production.

Most of the European markets appear to be relatively saturated, but there is considerable potential for growth in the emerging markets of Asia and South America. Rising disposable income and the growing popularity of this “luxurious” form of packaging in these regions will ensure that the outlook continues to be bright. About 85 per cent of the world’s production still goes into the cosmetics sector. Other important markets are pharmaceuticals, household and industrial applications, and the food sector. Aluminium aerosol cans will achieve further growth here because of their outstanding functionality.