Practical hygiene

At the moment only six per cent of the aluminium aerosol cans produced worldwide are supplied to the pharmaceutical/medical sector. The growth prospects in this hygiene-oriented sector are nevertheless good. Aerosol cans are used here mainly for disinfectant sprays and other cleaners, for medication for treating burns, for asthma inhalers and in dentistry and medicinal dental care. Increasingly they are also being used in veterinary medicine. It is again the whole host of benefits that other forms of packaging cannot match that makes the aluminium aerosol can particularly attractive for pharmaceutical applications: the highest standards of product protection thanks to its unique barrier properties, absolutely hygienic, safe and reliable in use, and precise dosing. The aluminium aerosol can perfectly fulfils the extremely high standards that apply in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Consumers in every other market also benefit from these excellent standards of quality and their associated technical expertise.