Perfectly shaped

With their outstanding variety of shapes in the shoulder area and along the can body, aluminium aerosol cans offer an additional unbeatable argument for this powerful form of packaging. Aluminium’s good formability combined with the flexible impact extrusion technology, which is also ideally suited for small production runs, enables aluminium cans to be produced in the widest possible range of sizes, shapes and embossed forms; without significantly reducing production speed during manufacturing by the way. These technical benefits create additional options for achieving product differentiation when product lifes and lifestyle cycles are becoming ever-shorter. Distinctive shapes stand for unique products with premium appeal and add that truly exclusive touch. The embossing technique confers a unique character on the aluminium aerosol can, as if it has been produced by an exclusive manufacturer, and symbolises the embodiment of luxury and high perceived value. Perhaps the decisive benefit for that spontaneous impulse to buy at the point of sale. But definitely an additional plus factor for strong brand bonding and  a high recognition value.