Glittering prospects

Aluminium is a sustainable material. Bauxite, the starting material for the production of aluminium, is in plentiful supply. Aluminium is not consumed, it is used. About 75 per cent of all aluminium ever produced is still in the material loop today; a claim that no other material can make. Aluminium aerosol cans are a real energy store. This is because up to 95 per cent less energy is used to produce secondary aluminium than is used to produce primary aluminium. Advanced technologies like eddy-current systems facilitate the sorting of aluminium cans at the waste recycling plant. Used aluminium cans have a high scrap value because of aluminium’s unique properties. For years, the worldwide demand for recycled aluminium has by far exceeded supply. Furthermore, manufacturers have managed to reduce the weight of the can significantly by developing new technologies, improving processes and using new alloys, but without compromising quality and safety. Valuable material savings that conserve resources.

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