Always a recipe for success

At the moment there is only a limited number of products from the food sector available in aluminium aerosol cans: whipped cream, mustard, oil and vinegar, spices, pancake and waffle batter, sprays with egg glazing and egg-white foam, gelatine sprays, edible spray paint and other decorative products that add that special touch to modern and creative cuisine. There are moderate growth rates in the market for foodstuffs and there are no limits on people’s fantasies. The aluminium aerosol can reveals its full potential with foodstuffs: long storage life thanks to excellent product protection, extremely high standards of hygiene, precise dosing and exact application using special dispenser solutions for every possible application. These attributes prevent product deterioration and unnecessary squandering of the resources used to produce the foodstuffs. And all of this in accordance with the strict legislation on foodstuffs in force in the EU and the USA. Here, too, the aluminium aerosol can sets standards that comparable forms of packaging cannot match.